Update to macOS Sierra Or Not From Music/Audio Production Perspective ?

Hello in this post i am going to discusses whether to update your macOS to latest release of macOS version or not. In this article i will talk about update to macOS 10.12 Sierra, but this knowledge can be utilized for any OS update/upgrade of a working music/audio environments. These are general guidelines you need to have in mind  before updating your macOS so that it will not mess up with your precious working hours .

1.  Compatibility
 Check Of DAW:-  This is one of the very important step, before updating/upgrading OS of any working audio facility. Always ensure from the company or various companies in case you are using multiple DAWs, the compatibility of the DAW with the new macOS before updating/upgrading. it will save a lot of time and can also be a crucial factor in deciding any kind of OS related update.

2. Compatibility Check Of Plugin :-  This is another very important step, before updating/upgrading OS of any working audio facility. Always ensure from various plugins companies that you use, the compatibility of the plugins with the new macOS before updating/upgrading. it can also be a crucial factor depending on the uses of certain plugin in your production environment and its current status of compatibility with the macOS.

3. Compatibility Check Of Hardware :- It is also one of the most important thing need to consider,  if you use alot of USB Midi devices, sound cards, digital mixer etc in your work environment. Always check the compatibility of your Hardware with the new os. otherwise new os update can render you hardware useless and cause you to roll back to old os. which can be tricky some times specially with nowadays macOS, which do not want you to revert back.

Once you checked these most important three things you can proceed with your update/upgrade.

Apart from main steps there are some optional steps which can ensure a very stable work environment. many Engineers, Producers, Composers like to take these optional steps . Though these steps can lengthen the time when you get a updated system but these extra steps ensures very stable and robust work environment.

4. Wait For Some Updates :-  wait for sometime when new OS arrives let it update for a couple of times, by that time any serious bug which needed to fix will get fixed and you are going to have a fairly stable new macOS.

5. Wait For Review From Fellow :-  Let other people from audio industry update their OS to new macOS and than take their first hand advice on issues like stability of DAW/Plugins/Hardware of this new macOS.

Note :- Most time your DAW/Plugin/Hardware company will email you in advance with compatibility list of their products with new OS, so read those mails.