5 Things which Can bring more Interactivity in any DAW setup

In this post i will discuss about how to use various technologies to bring  more interactivity to your normal DAW based production workflow.

1. Programable MMO Mice :-   one can use any MMO mouse available in market with good driver support for various os to bring some serious interactivity in DAW session especially on Arrangement phase of you production.  generally this mouse can have around 12 programmable buttons which can be programmed to perform any shortcuts of DAWs like undo, repeat the section, cut silence etc. These mouses can store shortcuts for various softwares and can switch their shortcut profile automatically based on which software is currently active. So you can program shortcuts for Logic, Pro tools, Ableton etc on same Mice 🙂


2.  Trackball Mouse :-  Trackball mice find their ways in alot of  professional mixing and production facilities you can also incorporate it in your production environment and can feel the way it controls the DAW faders and plugins knobs, it kind of gives a different way of interactivity in session.


3. Programmable Keyboard :- These programmable keyboards can be used in same way as programmable mouse and it can be placed in your left hand side position so you can press its button to access the shortcuts of your favorite DAW.


4. MIDI Controllers To Keyboard Shortcuts :- one can also use his/her existing midi controller to operate as shortcut trigger for various options of DAW like undo, save as, make selection till next region etc. There are various free softwares like MidiStroke for mac is available to do the job. if you have any midi controller with you, you can try this softwares and can use your Midi controller for triggering keyboard shortcuts.


5. Adding Jog/Shuttle Wheel :- you can add various Jog/Shuttle wheels available in market to add interactivity to workflow related to various audio editing tasks such as looping, chopping etc.